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professor: don't mess with kerning too much and never mess with the vertical/horizontal scale of fonts


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In all honesty, I almost never see anyone use any of the Queer Cats :blobcatcry:. But I love to make queer art :QueerCatLove_Trans:!

posted the froggy chair earrings on my etsy! decided on $20 with free US shipping, $10 international.

if it sells out and you want a pair, dm me and ill make them this weekend and ship them out asap!

Would it be better if they were reversed?

:QueerCatLove_Pride: :QueerCatLove_Agender: :QueerCatLove_Autism: :QueerCatLove_Genderqueer:

Or are they then too similar to :QueerCat_Pride:?

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I came here to toot about my job and make friends and I'm all out of jobs

Day 5, selfie, eye contact 

I feel like they’re a bit too small to be easy to tell. But maybe that’s just me.


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The base design for these comes from Twemoji. Which is released as CC-BY 4.0.

For more information see:

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ok, wifi back. i dont have to depend on data (also i get garbage service in my building if im lucky)
#BWIF is still on!!!

hopefully no drama in the next 5 hours!

Full set of Queer Raccoons now available:

:QueerRaccoon_Ace: :QueerRaccoon_Agender: :QueerRaccoon_Aromatic: :QueerRaccoon_Autism:

:QueerRaccoon_Bisexual: :QueerRaccoon_Enby: :QueerRaccoon_Genderfluid: :QueerRaccoon_Genderqueer:

:QueerRaccoon_Intersex: :QueerRaccoon_Lesbian: :QueerRaccoon_MaleHomosexual: :QueerRaccoon_Pansexual:

:QueerRaccoon_Polyamory: :QueerRaccoon_Polysexual: :QueerRaccoon_Pride: :QueerRaccoon_Sapphic: :QueerRaccoon_Trans:

Any feedback is still welcome :BetterPrideHeart:

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I'm so fortunate to be in an internet polycule with so many wonderful people; I love you all :fuchsia:

Covid-19-related, it's fun, though 

#FridayFeelsRadio is BACK!!! Need something new for the #wfh quarantine blues?

This time @Shrigglepuss & I gave you 2 hrs of a funky diverse AF playlist!!!

If you enjoyed last weeks then we hope you love todays!

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