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Double working on myself day today: therapy and LHR!

It’s the bi-weekly bi aprreciation week! :QueerCatHeart_Bisexual:.

Don’t let it go by without appreciating someone who’s bi! Our operators are standing by.

Finn is bi.
Po is gay.

They’re perfect for eachother and J. J. Abrams is a coward.

Playing around with a new todo board. Includes todos, todon’ts, things to buy, things to look into, and a done category that’s not emptied until the door is filled.

I'm often thinking about just that :
Should I accept that sometimes I "fail" to meet my own expectations, accepting that failure is not bad, or to be avoided but part of the process. Or find an other way to put it when I wanted to do something, and it doesn't work out (e.g. I don't do it, the result is not what I wanted).

Seems to me its a toxic part of our cultures that make us refuse the word "fail/failure"

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Don't eat the rich 

when people apologize and then dont change anything about their behavior

food rant 

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Love to annoy people who think a buffet works by entering and exiting in order.

@moiety this is a very nice idea !! i too am drawn to ways of planning and logging that visually express the “size” of the things happening

and your idea of editing to reflect what you did is a wonderful way to narrow the gap between what one expects of oneself, and what is realistic.. which sets you up for success! and self-knowledge!

I find structured planning like this very helpful. Even if I don’t follow it to the minute. It still provides a framework to hold onto.

Setup usually takes me less than six minutes. Throughout the day I’ll adjust it to reflect what I actually did. Making this planning and logging in one 🌟.

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