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I would change my name to Moiety if I liked how it was pronounced.

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If your name isn't on the list there's a good chance you're still cool. So cool in fact you have a very unique name :blobcatfingerguns:

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Jennies? Cool af. Violets? Cool as hell! Zoes? Sweethearts all of yinz! Alices? zomg :blobaww:!

A new bundle!! 'Altar' is a documentative zine of an art and performance installation of the same title.
2 for $15

Dm for purchase!

Looking for accomodation :boost_ok: 

30 July (maybe a day before) to 2nd of July 2020

Looking for accomodation :boost_ok: 

Hi there

I will be going to Castlefest once more this year ! It's in the Netherland, in Lisse

I might go to the camping, but I'm with someone, and if we could have a bit more comfort, it'd be awesome.

We are not very rich, so, if we could find a welcoming place for cheap, this would be ideal.
We're both Queer, so that's an important factor.

We're really nice people. Easy to live. Vegetarian and vegan. We would of course help for groceries, prep food and we're good company

Please boost

Nonbinary folx don't get why people think Pluto was demoted.

Pluto is happy no one's making it do planet shit anymore. You don't clear your orbit, and we're finally respecting that instead of demanding you act like your siblings.

Also it's the type specimen of its own category now, which I always thought was a really cool thing to be.

In hindsight, this should have been a sign, but 10-year-old me didn't have that context.

I wish there was a Local Timeline for Admins that showed everything an admin has access to on their instance. Like, I don’t wanna see stuff that’s set to followers only if I don’t follow that person. But things that are set to unlisted or followers only and I do follow them, that would be nice.

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