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lewd shitpost 

I just used fly as an adjective. I’m like super rad now.

If you're gonna be gay you have to do crime, you can never go straight

how about we all get together and make some new numerical superstitions

Bodies and clothes, body image ~ 

Cold, the new universal temperature scale.

I could never trick my fiancée tho, she’s way too German for that.

Gonna have movie night with my fiancée where I trick her into watching again by calling it :meowthinksmart:. (like why didn’t they call it that to begin with)

@moiety I first read "Samuel L. Jackson" and it sounded glorious.

The band "The White Stripes" got their name from the white stripe in the trans flag, representing nonbinary people

Got to zero unread work mails!

Now on to the 111 unread emails in my personal inbox :blobcatderp:.

for #ff I think y'all should go thru the #India tag and meet some of fedi's newest members!

I want to give a special shout out to @audreytruschke, who has already tooted a Q&A thread about Mughal history that was awesome to read through, as an American who knows literally nothing about it

one day after working out: ahh, soreness reminds me i'm alive

two days after working out: haha okay fucking stop now

If your friend group is > 80% trans folks and you think you're cis...I might have news for you.

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