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Job opportunity/vacancy 

I just kissed Ghosts eyeball by accident it was a bit :blobcatfearful:

You either die un-therapied or live long enough to see yourself become a therapist.

At 77 years Jeanne Socrates is the oldest person to sail around the world solo ⛵️. She already set the record for oldest woman some seven years ago. Her latest journey took her 330 days to complete.

Car, mental health (+) 

Launching a brand of @Juju Juice 🍹. Mainly because it’d be funny to say JuJu-Juice!

Opening a wursthandschuhe design studio. Because we need that.

Feeling heckin diamoric right now. Enbies are cute :heart_nb: :nb_crossbow:

Throwback to two years ago (minus two weeks) when I still had cool hair and was only about six months into that idea of letting the color grow out. Now it's just bad and I want pink hair again.
This is also possibly the first selfie anyone on Mastodon has ever seen of me. :D

teaching your cats english as a second language so they can understand when you insert their names into songs

I haven’t filled up my car in seven days. This is a new record!

Oh hello there, anxiety. I haven't missed you at all, you motherfucker.

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