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Get your Cyber Security Seals here! #stickers

If you'd like to get these security seals, I can send some to you.

Please support me with 10 EUR on and I'll mail you 10 pieces of these stickers, worldwide.

The sticker itself is vegan, and its diameter is 58mm.

🔃 Boosts are welcome.

@moiety virile recycling satchels.... Seems like there's a fortune waiting to be exploited there.

Compost bags scented with Axe?

Special camo seating section on public transport?

tech, Mastodon, fediverse blocks, long 

“They add that this phenomenon appears to be driven by men's ‘discomfort engaging with a woman who is not clearly heterosexual.’”

Men are so weird :blobcatderp:

“…gender-neutral actions like paying bills online or turning off the air conditioner.”

Yes, I always turn off my air conditioner like a good enby.

People from Portland have Dutch energy. So I’ve been told anyway.

@em you turned a BAD post into a BAE post and I'm into it

Should rhetorical questions be CWed?

Good morning beautiful faces :QueerCatHeart:

📷: I’ve played around with these vertical panorama’s for quite some years now and it often gives spectacular results.

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