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It’s remembered a dream I had last night where a stranger started gendering me correctly because they saw me from behind and I was super stressed trying to pass as hard as possible to keep it up

me: bryn
you, statistically: not bryn

Torie is an excellent candidate for a fedicrush imo

Don’t let anyone tell you who you should be :better_pride:

Why do banks make it so difficult to loan money?!

Someone just called me miss and I could cry tbh


This is a not so friendly reminder that we didn’t start using plastic bags at the grocery until 1982. So be a pal and bring your own bags.

Maybe she was born with it,
Maybe it's estradiol

I should stop talking about "public transit" and start referring to it as my "self driving car"

Then start slowly dropping hints about how I reduce my maintenance cost by having it take other people while I'm not using it

I’ll be less online tomorrow to compensate.

Almost blocked because of that spammer 🤦🏻‍♀️


My dream job? Bish, it’s my dream, why the fuck would I work there?

When you can’t decide between “I want to be with you” and “I want to be you”.

Gaff talk 

Should I go out and do groceries or stay in and try to make something out of the food in the freezer :meowthinkingfast:

them: you fucking millennial snowflakes and your endless "cancel culture"
me: i don't live at that apartment anymore please just terminate my internet service

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