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Bought more art :fuchsia:

Can't wait for it to arrive :)

Just blocked someone because they had a terrifying avatar. I feel this is justified.

Me finding out one of my favourite artists is a trans woman :trans_heart:

lucky.addEventListener('keysmash', (event) => this.notifyZoë)


So, while I'm out as both ace and bi (I think you're all pretty, but I don't want to bang any of you) to my in-person friends, I've never actively posted as such. So, here I am, being gay-ish. :D

@Bagel3000 also, welcome to the garden. Please pick a nice spot and grow something beautiful :QueerCatHeart_Pride:

us pol, pride, wtf 

Do you think people are more interested in a poll’s results than actually voting in it?

i would like a friendly swan to visit my garden

Yes I think you're cute :QueerCatHeart:. But I just came to say hello :fuchsia:

Someone give me an award for not replying ‘WHY IS THAT, SIMON?’ To new manager complaining that we’re behind after fucking up our process for 2 months, and patiently explaining why he can’t just substitute stock images for my artwork while I’m gone THREE DAYS


Cannabis will be the national flower of The Denican Republic✊🏽

I think I already failed this myself 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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