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Seriously, vibrate my ass and I’ll pause this fucking game to answrt your question :fuchsia:

I’m drunk and playing beat saver in VR—AMA.

This is one of those five drink Zoë moments.

I’m about to get play Beat Saber drunk. Wish me luck.

*disables do not disturb like a numpty*

I called @RocketRaccoon a skinny bitch (in a good way)and I’m proud of that. Here’s Chris and I discussing that moment.

I’m just like a fucking queen 👸🏻
And you’re begging please 🙏

Who is Ashley Tisdale and why do they keep popping up in my daily mixes‽

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@moiety Say no more, I'll go find a VC to back a startup to build an app to gamify recharging your headphones with IoT devices you can put around your home, office, and car that give you points for plugging in, oh and we'll need a hub for these too

You might end up having to buy new headphones by time it's all said and done, hope that's alright 🙃

The downside of wireless headphones that last upwards of twenty hours is that it’s so infrequent that you constantly forget to charge them 🙈.

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Me, walking around the house looking for my jeans: now look I’m pretty sure I had them on when I came home last night—they have to be here somewhere!

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Hi! I’m Ash. I’m a performer & artist/wannabe MUA (examples below)!
I’m a trans boy & broke as hell, I have a part time job that I do only once a week (not my choice, it’s the only way they’d keep me). So the pay is barely enough to live on, especially as i’m doing my Master’s degree & have to travel (& eat) often.
If you like my posts/art/makeup, I’d appreciate any support so I can keep creating!
cash app:£AshleyMVillers (£AshleyMVillers)

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@moiety oh no I didn't see it earlier but my spouse went to high school with stephan nance who is good!

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