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What the hell happened here that they needed this sign?

For his birthday last year I bought Ingmar an elephant for his room.

He said “thank you”.

I said “don’t mention it”.

the dystopia we live in 

*Miley Cyrus voice*
It’s a party in the matinée

boy are you a biscuit because I'm gonna fuckin dunk you

Good morning beautiful faces :blobcatheart:

📷: I might be the queen of this here house but Lara was definitely the empress!

open source your mind, stop having it be closed source

If you are looking for free videos for your project, here's a selection on

If i give you my phone to look at a picture and you swipe,

1. yes you'll get nudes.
2. i'm never giving you the phone again.

Gotta be honest, joining a new group of online people and only having them think of me as female is pretty awesome.

The only problem with work and obsessively following @lynnesbian is that there’s no time for sleeping.

Sending love to all my friends of any, all, and no tonight. Y’all _make_ our family and belong here, with me, amongst friends.

I wanna see @citrustwee’s face when she finds out that whales have hands.

All that’s keeping you back is the fear of the change in state. You know that after the change everything will be fine :fuchsia:

I just realised I never actually tooted any nail photos before now, despite mentioning it in my intro toot

these are from a while back, but they're the fanciest I've done so far


Where do I buy flavoured candles that taste like candles that have just been blown out?


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