If I’m in the woods and no one is around to correct it. Would it misgender me?

Good morning beautiful faces 💕.

📷: Axalp, a small village, was at the end of an even smaller mountain road.

@boobs_idiot I should not be allowed to grumpy toot before I had coffeee.

Selfies from last night 

Selfies from last night 

Good morning beautiful faces 🥰.

📷: I so want to live in the mountains 🏔.

I don’t care about passing. I’ll pass on that.


Opening a bar called The Garden so patrons can call their spouses and say they in the garden…

admin meta 

@ArtistMarciaX creates beautiful art and serves face 🇵🇷.

@ItsJenNotGabby a fucking delight 💜.

@aquagraph she joined Queer Garden today :rose_pride:.

@alice such a kind and supportive person, I love you Alice :fuchsia:.

@barrow they’re a cute skeleton wrapped in star stuff. Excellent earth person :QueerCatHeart:.

@phoenyxgreene a very open person I love to talk with :heart_pride:.

@l she has great looks, also check her insta 📷.

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