@Quixote171 @Juju how was I supposed to know my actions would have consequences?!

@ArtistMarciaX yeah, mine is one of those Senseo thingies. Which also isn't good. But we make do eh?

@ArtistMarciaX bi colours are soo good. But enby flag colours would also be nice!

@Shrigglepuss I mean shrig :blobcatfearful:

note to self: internal names are for internal use only.

We need a Gay gay Gay gay gay gay Gay gay.


@Juju this is why Cardi said to bring a bucket and a mop

Diving head first into the world of the early 2000s web and having a damn good time.

this is a meme quote 

@FirstProgenitor when I'm buried I want my family to lower me into my grave—give them the opportunity to let me down one more time y'know?

Helpful CSS, adds an underline to links in toots :meowthumbsup:

a.status-link:not(.mention) {
text-decoration: underline;


My best life definitely involves discussing/eating ice cream at six in the morning 🍨

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