English is called Language Arts in the USA? WTF?

Because apparently I have neglected to do so, here are two versions of the #QTBIPOC #Pride flag!

The license is simple:
- attribution! link to this account and tell 'em a disabled 2spirit Indigenous anarchist made it!

- all queer/trans BIPOC individuals can use (including commercially and I'll even advertise your stuff here if you tell me about it!)
- all queer/trans BIPOC orgs/groups can use (commercial if it's not the focus of the piece, otherwise permission needed)
- non-BIPOC orgs/groups if for a specific BIPOC-focused event/outreach, asking permission first

I can provide SVG versions and other formats if ever needed

what's the best name for a weed credit union?

@ItsJenNotGabby @eloisa I'm supposed to be able to reach 1 Gbps up and down :blobcatcoffee:. (I was also kinda kidding when I said slow)

Selfie, eye contact 

@jack that's a cute top :blobcatsmug:

Where'd you get the sweater?

My autobiography: neglect and misconfiguration

I don’t even know where this shows up to be honest

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