#VoteDeniGetPlenty #Deni2020 #Venezuela

The Denican Republic does not recognize the alleged ✌🏽United States✌🏽, nor does the Presidenite acknowledge Daniel Krump or whatever. We’re like Juan Guaido’s campaign, but competent and non-fictional.

Good morning beautiful faces 🌟.

📷: Switzerland is a beautiful place 😍.

selfie, ec, boosts are always encouraged 

@muppetbutler want to know how I got these alt texts?

Alt: two scar figurines

I wish these tablets were half as tasty as the container looks..

oh hell i aint taken my meds, meds check everyone innit

I was surprised by the lack of height of this hotel’s ceiling.

Me, responding to a lady’s selfie: cute cute cute 💖.
Lady: *instant fav*
Me, responding to a Twitter lady’s selfie: cute cute cute 💖.
Twitter lady: …

@phoenyxgreene take your boyfriend to the shelter and make jokes about it with your dog 👏🏼😏

Writing something on my own car’s sunroof to tell yinz something:

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