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I think I'll be doin' that today :meowmorningreverse:

@eject yea, only for a few months. But it’s super expensive. Like €15/month 🙃

@mastohost I’m not mad at you for covering your costs; I’m mad at website boy for creating an inefficient mess :blobcatgoogly:.

Self hosting isn’t an option for me.

@Juju damn that’s also a high increase! Why so much though?

meta, misinformation 

Because of the recent recession, price inflation, krimpflatie, and previous website boy mishaps, I have to increase the price of admission for queer garden from €0 to £0.

Thank you for understanding :QueerCatHeart:

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meta, misinformation?, request 

Queer Garden members: please stop following people not on queer garden :blobcatgiggle:

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@mastohost so that would $9 + $5 (search) = $14 (~€14,50) + 21% tax ≈ €17,50/month. That’s still more than double the current rate :meowmorning180:.

We’re working on it but without changes these new prices would mean Queer Garden goes from a €96/year fun queer thing to a €576/year investment…

Bottom surgery, neovaginas 

Hey there babes. So, I recently got my lower gender confirmation surgery in July, and because I have a shallow depth, my physical recovery has been a lot quicker than some folks.

Moreover, I didn’t realize there was an in-between option for bottom surgery. I knew about full depth, and vulvaplasty or no-depth. But shallow depth was never offered until I asked if it was possible. And I feel like that’s a huge oversight because other trans femmes I know want to know how I got it.

I’m a lesbian who isn’t into penetration, so I didn’t have any use for a full depth vagina. I know a lot of folks like me who probably feel the same, and I think it’s important to let people this option exists.

Yesterday, after my dilations, I decided I was going to, very gently, explore with my finger a bit. No play, just feel about. My dilators are the size of fat carrots so a finger isn’t a big deal. And it was cool. Found the end, felt a couple sutures still in there.

But the most incredibly affirming thing was realizing my whole index finger fit inside. Not only did the space feel warm, and like a part of me, but I’m actually a lot deeper than the dilators make it seem, because they’re fucking huge.

A finger or two inside is all I’ve ever wanted. And now I can have that, and it feels like it was always meant to. I don’t have shame and confusion around that part of me anymore. It’s finally fixed.

It was a huge euphoria moment and I just wanted to share it with y’all.


Website boy didn’t think this decentralisation through did he?

@eject I think it’s a one person company, but yeah, should do with these price hikes 😂.

Queer Garden would become six times as expensive to run…

€576/year vs €96/year now.

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