@Juju hahaha, do you ahve the german saying “bananas in your ears”?

bra/boob problems in the summer 

@stelepami bras with ice in them when?

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Is your name Sarah?

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donations and whatever meta 

@Juju I mostly stopped donating to USians 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Planning one last one I think.

But yeah I totally get it. I don’t connect the same way like I used to? It here’s still some good people and whatever but it’s different?

Mastodon went from big tiddy Alf to Twitter in about four years

@Juju I wish my app would allow me to hide boosts. I already have those turned off on the web thingy.

Can you hide them maybe?

@gingerrroot sleep deprived 🙃

How’s your last day of the week?

@Juju but maybe I also need to thin out my following list. This why I like my other place

@Juju I spent less less and less time here because yes

Is your name Sarah?

@eject excuse me, who is this, some kind of Sarah?

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