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@68km if you buy it as a gift you can fill in my email address as the receiver. I should get an email from them ✨.

mh (-) 

When you only get out of bed to deal with mental health and it appears your appointment is next week.

Good night beautiful faces :fuchsia:

Here is Falera's church, one of them anyway.

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Doing some colour pallettes :meowartist:

Which one is your favourite?

My watch: even a minute of breathing can help you focus.
Me: not now! I’m trying to focus ok.

There's the symbols, and the whole group things.. not to forget the flags. A... and the hearts

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This is how it all fits together:

1. Each mayor part/layer is its own component
2. Each component can have its own variants
3. Each component has the same size of canvas
4. Overlay all components and you have a lot of freedom to compose your emoji ✨

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