Good morning beautiful faces 🌟

📷: this is part of the park just outside my house—such a lovely neighbourhood.

Honoured to have been part of this Women of Ember photo at EmberConf last month :fuchsia:

Good morning beautiful faces 🥰.

📷: Lopez Island has so many different landscapes in such a tiny package.

Me: I’d like to use program X because I’m familiar with it and I’m more productive using it.

IT: We’ve installed program C because it couldn’t be further from what you asked for and also you’ll hate using it.


My dad: I'm not transphobic.

Also my dad: Better not tell your grandpa you're trans, he's to old to understand.

Selfie, eye contact 🤳🏼 Show more

Just ordered these :blobaww:

It’ll be a few weeks before they’re delivered—they’re specially made for me 💁🏻‍♀️.


A notification in Democracy 3 reads:


Today is a dark day for Democracy, as a group of religious extremists calling themselves 'Crusaders of The Lord'succeeded in assassinating the democratically elected ruler of this country. A combined attack involving half a dozen gunman, and a powerful car bomb, overwhelmed our security services at a recent public speaking event. Twelve people died, including you. Game over.

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