If the Earth had an ending credits song it would be September by Earth, Wind & Fire

@moiety do Wind & Fire have the same song as ending credits or do they have different songs?

@moiety Joke? I thought we were making a story together. :I

@zens where are my and yes manners.

Yes! I think Wind & Fire would have their own songs. Wind would probably go for Africa by Toto, I think Wind too misses the rains down in Africa y’know?

Fire.. hmm.. what do you think?

@moiety I swear I am a real person and not an AI chatter bot.

I swear by robot baby jesus, blessed be his name, born jan 1st 1970, died jan 1st 2000

@zens neither am I a real human dear person. There’s no need to be. And no need for presents either. Because, as you may know, all I want for Christmas is you.

love and kisses, Mariah

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