Get ready for my new book:

“Gender Neutral Pronouns: They're Here, Get Used To Them”

Introduction: Who are they?
Part One: Where did they come from?
Part Two: What do they want?
Part Three: What is gender anyway?


i was just served a Tom Scott video from 8 years ago with nearly that same title lol

@baronnarcveldt considering I copied it from that title I would think it’s exactly the same :P


lol! i watched it last night before bed so i wasn't sure it was exact. i guess that video is resurfacing for some reason (probably terf related)

@baronnarcveldt oh I looked up a serie a friend of mine made called “Miss Gender”. So I guess that’s linked to that video too somehow.

@moiety 🎶 who are they? and where are they? and how can they possibly know all this? 🎶

@moiety my brain may or may not have autocompleted "where did they come from" to "where did they go, where did they come from cotton eye Jo"

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