Please join my “cities are bad actually” movement.

This is clearly better than cities. Let’s do away with all cities.


Clearly this is better than Piazza San Marco. Why bother building those things you wonder :blobcatthink:.

These tiny muddy paths are much nicer and comfortable to walk on than trottoirs.

Abolish city sidewalks.

These, clearly evil, people have no idea what they’re missing out on by living in their houses in the city.

A nice hit in the forest would be so much more soothing I’m sure.

Do I even need to add arguments anymore? Come out of your city lives and experience it for yourselves :blobcatbusiness:.

After walking up this small hill I got to rest on a tree trunk looking out over the field. No stairs required! Wheelchair accessible* too!

* if you’re immensely strong

Instead of buying honey from the local farm or supermarket, consider being stung by bees multiple times for that lil bit of honey in your tea.

Why spent millions on the development and maintenance of something like the Arc de Triomphe when you could marvel at the arcs of nature free of charge?

I might not be a fernatic or anything like that. But I like ferns.

Maybe this forest highway will take me somewhere. :blobcatthink:

Time for a short rest under this tree in this field. Wondering about who sat here before me. :meoweyes:

@TPO100Cofficial clearly the pandemic was a result of people living in cities. So that’s surely not an argument against demolishing all cities. :blobcatgiggle:

answer, cars meta 

@Ethancdavenport it’s a bit. It’s my way of inviting people that say “cars are bad” without providing arguments to, y’know, add arguments, tell me why they’re bad, what’s your suggestion, what should we do, how do we change this world? Screaming things are bad usually doesn’t help.

answer, cars meta 

@Ethancdavenport which probably isn’t the right way to do that either. But it does help me relieve some frustration while sharing beautiful photos of the hike I’m on.

@moiety do you ever think about how sharks are older than ferns?

(i think about that a lot)

@meena that’s a sharktastic fact! Thank you for shar(k)ing :blahaj:

@meena @moiety you ever think about how the greenland sharks that were born during the industrial revolution are just now becoming sexually mature?

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