@Kiki it’s the entire pass. Buts five minutes long so that’s a bit too much for masto :P

@Kiki oh, huh, that’s the same 22 second version just in better quality. Hang on 🙃

@Kiki short but sweet! I had to wait for the traffic to clear. It’s always difficult to get it right tho. But this time it worked out kinda well! It was just the last kilometer or so where I caught up with that car and van. Which is why I pared the car :P

@moiety i mean the side of the road you were driving on :meowgiggle:

terrible pun 

@eject one might say the reich seite

terrible pun 

@moiety (i assume you mean rechte seite?)

terrible pun 

@eject I was trying to make a third reich pun.

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