As an adult, never deny yourself the luxuries you missed as a child.

@moiety you don't know what people might interpret as "luxuries". For a minority, it could be awful shit.

And also, i don't think people should eat meat because they grew up vegetarian, and they missed it. It's still wrong to eat meat.

Ok, a bit hypocritical, staying at my fathers place, and he microwaved some old stuff.. with meat in it. It was already basically done and i ate it 😕 ... well 29/30th vegetarian is good enough for me right now..

@jasper I’m not sure how to interpret this toot. Could you elaborate?

@moiety ftr the last paragraph is just off topic.

I mean parents might deny luxuries because they're unethical? Like lots of flying vacations now is not very good for the environment.. Ditto meat.

As for awful shit, like vaguely remember stories about psychopaths killing small animals as child.. Guess that's not a "luxury", i am interpreting way too broadly sorry..

@jasper aside from these toots needing some content warnings (:blobcatfearful:), my original toot was meant positively.

If as a child you never got LEGO; get yourself some LEGO. Enjoy it.

If as a child you lacked colouring pencils and drawing books; get some of them!

Nourish the child in yourself—they deserve it ✨.

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