Day five is done! That marks five days in a row 🎉.

Thank you all for the support and for being my accountibilibuddies :heart_fuchsia:


Woohoo! Day six is done too ✨. Already feeling better doing it :meowmorningreverse:

Nearly didn’t do it today after having done a lot of garden work. But I persisted in the end and I’m happy I did—day seven in the book ✨.

@moiety yeaaaaah!
At what time do you usually do it?

@azaliz I find for me between 13:00 and 15:00 works best :)

@moiety yesssss \o/

(On my part, tomorrow is my final day in my 30-day workout program! I might start a yoga journey next instead of working out, I miss the deep stretches with Adriene)

@azaliz woohoo! Nice going on your program too! Hoping I can keep this up :)

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