Where's "set down in regular place and carelessly set something else bigger down on top of it"? Lol 'cause that's my main issue
(Eg, phone next to me on couch, paperwork on top, or phone on foot of bed, clothing thrown on top)

(To be fair i live in a very small place with one room, it's hard to lose stuff for very long)

I also love how i automatically interpreted "thing" as phone

@certifiedperson haha, that sounds very relateable! My desk is a mess with drawings and things and I always lose things under other things.

@certifiedperson @moiety you ever attempt to find your phone only to find out you are holding it? 'cause i do all the fucking time lol

I think i tend more toward "mindlessly put my phone down next to me to go look for it elsewhere"
I think usually that happens when i wanna do a major taskswitch with it? Like go from scrolling masto to playing music

And sometimes it's plugged into the stereo to play music and i still go searching for it elsewhere

@moiety My husband is prone to "carelessly set down and forgot where". And then he asks ME if I know where and oftentimes I do - I either guess right (I know his habits) or try every possible and impossible location (mostly it is the impossible one, funnily enough).
But he isn't ADHD. Is it a problem with ADD or Asperger's, too?

@blueplanetslittlehelper ADD is the old name of what the DSM now calls ADHD. See the second paragraph under "Evolution of Present Concept of ADHD" on page 2 of this document: books.google.nl/books?id=KAlq0

Basically, ADHD is the umbrella term and it has three sub-types: inattentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type, and the combined type.

@moiety my cell phone took me an hour last night to find. It was on the arm holding my monitor up.


There is a third, dark matter slice "where it is supposed to logically be" which isn't represented on this piechart because you never check there as what kind of fool would think you actually put the thing back where it is supposed to be?

Its like someone asking "heads or tails" and responding "the side of the coin, it will land and perfectly balance on the side".

It is so laughibly implausible that even when it does happen you don't adjust your piechart because its still impossible.


"where it is logically supposed to be" is differentiated from "special place" by the fact that the former is a hilariously obvious spot that most anybody else would check first and in retrospect is absurd that you didnt check first but you didn't because of course the plot twist of you putting something back where it is supposed to be is so mind bendingly strange and foreign that you can barely even comprehend it.

For real: am I still legit if I don't have the right side?
I mean, I don't lose too much shit because I'm really strict on putting objects "where they belong"

Of course if I don't... I miss them, even in the middle of my field of view on the clear kitchen table....

@freyja_wildes yes! There have been quite a few replies with the same thing. Could’ve been a three way pie chart!

@moiety "I put it somewhere smart, didn't I" was a common utterance in our house growing up

@moiety my mum used to explain this as our house spirits taking things and giving them back when they feel like it

@moiety I *think* she just didn't realise there was anything up with her apart from depression until her second and third kid also had the same problems as us. A lot of hauntings in my family, ha.

@moiety Put into place I was sure I would remember and it totally made sense when I put it there (forgot where)

@x44203 wanted to put it in a place I’d remember. Thought better of it in the moment and put it somewhere else. I forget where that is but I still remember the place I wanted to put it.

@moiety also when you remember seeing it in a very specific location 'recently' and it's not there, but 'recently' is actually weeks/months/years ago during a time when you happened to be mentally 'present' when you were looking at it XD

@welshpixie me: it has to be there! I’m sure!
My brain: girl, that was in your previous house…
Me: :blobcatglaredrink:


Me: But this is the drawer!
Brain: No, you're seeing the drawer in the place you lived seventeen centuries back

@moiety that single bar down the middle is the small percentage where you first go "...thing??..." having utterly forgotten, the moment it left your hand, what it was, what its significance is, and that it even existed in the first place.

@moiety Replacing the thing and then going to put it in a special place only to find the first thing that you replaced.

@moiety the key here is to develop several "special places" that you default to putting certain things, that way you can go check each one to see where you put the thing or if you carelessly set it down somewhere else.

@moiety there's also the putting it in the place where I always put it, not finding it there, looking everywhere else for it, looking for it again in the place it should have been and seeing it this time.

@moiety there are 3 places where it can be. Hmm its not on the three regular spots.

@moiety I miss the third option, namely "in the place where it belongs, but due to some matrix glitch it was not there when I looked there already first".

@moiety third option: remembering exactly where i put it down carelessly some time ago, but its not there either.

@moiety I’ve managed to lose my glasses by deliberately putting them in a special place

that special place was my face

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