What's a good WiFi name? My last one was called "WiFi Against Humanity" but want something else :meowthinking:

"Milky Way" for my home appliances
"Andromeda" for the guest network

Now to make one of those chalkboard drawings of a WiFi sign and the passwortf next to it :meowgiggle:

@moiety The wifi on my phone hotspot is called HelpI'mStuckInAPhone

Mine is granite-0001 because the hostname of my router is granite (all machines are names after rocks or crystals)

@freyja_wildes oh I like that, I've named it "Milky Way" for now. A lot of my devices are named after space related things.

Yeah, it's a thing I've started after a small research experience when I was in engineering school. Worked for a month or two in research (not good, but 🤷‍♀️ ).
They were naming all their machines after natural phenomenon (hurricane, storm...).
I thought it was a really good practice to have a theme and stick to it

The "bad" thing about my theme is that I am not knowledged in mineralogy

@moiety I will never forget the time I looked in my computer’s WiFi menu and saw “Tell My WiFi Love Her”

A German comedian,Karl Valentin, famous pre and post WW2, made a sketch about a dialog between police officer and passenger claiming his name was Wrdlbrmft.
I'm looking for a vid about it

Yesterday's pop culture, still influential. He created lot of puns, that became what we now call memes.

@wauz @moiety Hah, reminds me of the "schmilblick" which is a nonsensical word but was said by a French comedian to be a very important object ^^

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