Happy Kwanzaa to everyone that celebrates it :Sparkles_Kwanzaa:

Have created some emoji for the ocasion :fuchsia:.

:Heart_Kwanzaa: Heart_Kwanzaa
:Flag_Kwanzaa: Flag_Kwanzaa
:KwanzaaCat: KwanzaaCat
:Sparkles_Kwanzaa: Sparkles_Kwanzaa

Slight update with thanks to @iantila for the feedback :fuchsia:.

Have renamed all emoji to *_Panafrican.

:Heart_Panafrican: Heart_Panafrican
:Flag_Panafrican: Flag_Panafrican
:QueerCatHeart_Panafrican: QueerCatHeart_Panafrican
:Sparkles_Panafrican: Sparkles_Panafrican

You are of course free to rename them to whatever suits your instance best.

Both naming schemes are available for copying in the admin panel.

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