Now wondering if I can add in more colours for other flags.

Guess I'll have to make the entire set now :meowgiggle:

Also, critique to heart's content, if I can improve these in anwyway I'd like to hear about it :)

Which of these works better for :Flag_Aromantic:? The one with the white middle flame or the one where they're a bit more mixed?

Polyamory, I tried it with the pi sign, but that just.. eh.. yeah

If you've made it this far and are wondering if you can have these: yes, when they're done.

Some of these already look good. But some need a bit more definition to them. I'll keep working on them and post updates as I go :meowthumbsup:

@moiety I'd go with the one with the white flame, the light green is not really visible at small scale.

@moiety Imo the pi or infinity(heart) signs are mostly just dropped anyway

@moiety Something feels off with that one. Maybe the missing grey. Not sure how well that'd work at smaller sizes though.

But might also be the agender flag just being way less recognizable to me when only taking a half (which does seem like a good decision to me for such icons)

@trisschen yes, the more colours in the flag the harder it is to turn it into such a small emoji. Especially with the different surfaces. I want to add a few more layers and see if I can get it to look good with four or five flame elements so to speak.

That might work better for something like the agender flag which really has four colours.

For some flags it totally works. Like I think the lesbian and sapphic emoji really work well. Even though they have a lot more colours.

@trisschen it's just, that doesn't seem to work for all colour combinations. Like with greys and such.

@moiety I'd say the first image (with the green gradient in the white flame), because – even though as the other person said, it doesn't make much difference at a small size – that is *way* more recognizable to me as the aro flag on less small sizes.

@moiety i know i'm colourblind but i refuse to believe this isn't just the dutch flag

It's sapphfire

(I know this isn't the sapphic flag colours, but I had to make the pun)

@moiety gay fire gay fire gay fire!!!

i am going to need this for pride

@moiety hmmm I feel that in this one specifically (but maybe it's also for the other ones) the yellow flame is hard to see at the smallest size… Could you try to reduce the size of the foreground blue flame maybe?

(it's so interesting that it isn't the case at all wit hthe genderqueer flag for instance, I suppose it's because of the colors?? but I have no idea why)

@azaliz I think I need to play around with a few different inner shapes. I had already made the inner most flame smaller. But I agree it's not always as clear as it can be.

For example, perhaps I can increase the size of the middle flame bit a bit into the top right part of the outer flame?

WIll also try to add another distince part to have more options for colouring. This pride one is not at all what I want it to be tbh. Needs more distinc surfaces.

@moiety hi, feel free to say no, but can I have this one with a transparent background?

@moiety These are so kickass! Where can we download copies?

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