Book request 

Hello, I would really like to buy this book on sale. But the publisher hasn't licensed it for my country. If someone had wanted to gift it to me I would really appreciate it :fuchsia:.

Maybe I can gift you a book back for the same amount?

Book request (filled :fuchsia:

Thank you so much @68km for gifting me this book :fuchsia:. I'm going to listen to it right away :meowheadphones:

Book request 

@moiety love love love her stuff, what's your email?

Book request 

@68km I love her first two books and can't wait to get my hands on this one!

My email is :fuchsia:

Book request 

@moiety sent!

Her books are so good and I haven't given her enough money for them. it's refreshing to see a sci-fi that imagines communities and love instead of a hero who's fighting against something we have to assume is evil

you can see how polished she's become as a writer since Long Way. I really liked this one.

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