This is how it all fits together:

1. Each mayor part/layer is its own component
2. Each component can have its own variants
3. Each component has the same size of canvas
4. Overlay all components and you have a lot of freedom to compose your emoji ✨

I had a lot of trouble getting the changes to various layers to propogate to all the variations (skin tones in this case). This is because Figma works slightly different than Sketch.

In Sketch you can change the position of one thing in the base variant and it propogates to all the others (if I remember correctly).

In Figma it doesn't work this way. Like with the head part. Each nose is its own component; I can change their location individually.

The way I overcame this in Figma is by making all the components have the same canvas size. This allows you to overlay all of them (similar to how you'd normally use layers).

You can then move things around within the component and it changes it all variants ✨.

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