Is it pretentious to call a movie a film? Film is generally used in a lot of European languages. Which is why I’ve always been confused about this seemingly dislike of the word “film” to mean a feature length movie. In Dutch that’s the only word we use. We go to the “film” or “bios(coop)” (meaning: cinema).

Interested to hear people’s thoughts :).

@moiety it comes off as pretentious in English; movie is the every day word, film is either fancy or foreign- the avengers is a movie, call me by your name is a film

@Cathymarinara I guess that makes sense. But why the difference between English and foreign? I mean, I’ll use movie most of the time. But I guess that more down to not wanting to be pretentious than to thinking there’s anything wrong with using the word.

@moiety foreign and art films get classified as ~fancy~, and film is the fancier word. And there’s nothing wrong with either word! It’s just connotation and usage, use whatever feels more comfortable

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