So for a while now I've been doing various small jobs on the side. Things like fixing small websites, proof reading material, consulting on accessibility, those kinds of things.

Something I really enjoy doing is translation. Not sure why, I'm a shit translator. But I like doing it. One aspect of it I particularly like is translating brand and product names.

Apple Watch becomes Apfeluhr. Fitbit becomes Fit bisschen. Firefox becomes Feuerfuchs.

I'm so sorry to whoever has to check my work.

@moiety If you're 154 I'm going to flip my shit. They're going the lowest rating because I've had it. They also did the "translation" I worked on last week.

@Juju also, I'm a perfectionist and could never live with myself if I made such blatant errors :meowaww:

@moiety SAME! I just had "Dungeons and Drachen"... WHY TRANSLATE HALF?!

@moiety Especially since it was "Dungeons and Dragons" and "Verliese und Drachen" IN THE SAME FUCKING DOCUMENT

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