In the last year or so I’ve bought artworks from four different queer artists. I’ve commissioned one work from a queer artist. And I’ve been commissioned an artwork from which 50% of the proceeds went to a queer person’s surgery fund.

Support queer people 🌈🌟. It’s easier than you might think.

And you don’t have to buy €400 paintings to support someone. A £10 purchase of stickers or postcards or something already goes a long way.

Keeping queer money in the queer community benefits all of us.

@moiety Now I’m enamored with the concept of “queer money” and what it would look like

Marsha P. Johnson had best be on one of the denominations

@moiety Alternatively:

STRAIGHT: [gives me money]

ANOTHER STRAIGHT: [asks for money]

ME: Sorry, you can’t have that. It’s queer money now. I don’t make the rules.

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