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Get your Cyber Security Seals here! #stickers

If you'd like to get these security seals, I can send some to you.

Please support me with 10 EUR on ko-fi.com/zoe1337 and I'll mail you 10 pieces of these stickers, worldwide.

The sticker itself is vegan, and its diameter is 58mm.

🔃 Boosts are welcome.

@uint8_t One has to select in 3€ increments, so either 9 or 12€ :o

Also, is there a way to donate without using PayPal?

@moiety @franzi if you're broke like me, then 9 € is 10. But I'm grateful if you send me 12.

I'm trying to find a paypal-free alternative. One would be stripe, but that's quite tricky to get running.

One alternative can be to write me a DM and I'll send you my IBAN.

You can mail me cash (DM for address) or meet me personally at the CCCamp or Congress.

@uint8_t @franzi perhaps it’s safer to take this to email.

Can you send me an email with details to cybersecurityseal@hello.moiety.me?

I’ll reply with my address :)


@uint8_t @franzi “Sent from my IoT-enabled microwave oven.”

Well played :blobcatfingerguns:

@moiety I'm planning to make tamper-evident seal in the future.

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