“…gender-neutral actions like paying bills online or turning off the air conditioner.”

Yes, I always turn off my air conditioner like a good enby.

“They add that this phenomenon appears to be driven by men's ‘discomfort engaging with a woman who is not clearly heterosexual.’”

Men are so weird :blobcatderp:

@adamk678 yeah I’m not sure what to make of it. Sure it’s good that positive things are linked to being gay. But if that means straight people won’t do them then wtf.

@moiety If they spend so much time trying to figure out if people are gay or not I wonder if my asexual ass just completely destroys them

cowardly tough guys 

@moiety virile recycling satchels.... Seems like there's a fortune waiting to be exploited there.

Compost bags scented with Axe?

Special camo seating section on public transport?

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