People often ask me if my nails are my own. Makes me feel good tbh :meow:

@moiety hello nail content is some of my fave content, do you keep them natural or paint them colourfully / do nail art?

@cruelintestines I alternate between natural and paint. A friend of mine has done them with nail art but that's not something I'm good at.

The first one is done by my friend (she did an awesome job). The mint green I did myself (the little jobbies around the sides easily come off under the shower).

@moiety these are both lovely! I'm absolutely terrible at nail art but trying to practice easier stuff a little more. I really love the mint green, what polish is that?

@cruelintestines it's either "Closer Than You Might Belém" or "Witstands the Test of Thyme" from OPI (I can never keep those two separate 🤦 )

@cruelintestines as for painting them. I think practice makes perfect (how original, I know). When I had just started I did them every day. Went through so many bottles of acetone :blobcatderp: .

It usually takes me about an hour in total to do both hands :)

@moiety yeah i have definitely improved with painting them, just impatient to try and get good at the fancier stuff

@moiety i use a clear uv gel as a base coat (i got one of the lamps in an ebay frenzy) then do one hand at a time, two coats on my left hand, starting at the cuticles and then making sure i get the colour smooth and on the edge (my nails are quite long) and wait like an hour for it to be fully dry before i do my other hand bc it's being impatient and faffing about before it's dry that always messes mine up. what about you?

@cruelintestines I usually do both hands simultaneously. Starting with the base coat, followed by multiple layers of whatever it’s that I’m painting on it, waiting a few minutes between layers, to finalise it with a top coat once the colour layer has dried.

Always applying all the layers to the top and the tip to make sure it looks good.

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