Fuck yeah! I finally made an appointment for LHR 😱🌟💪🏼🌈!

@moiety I think I know what you mean, though I associate that more usually with a popular airport. =:)

@moiety that made a huge difference for me, surprisingly quickly, hope it does for you too ✨🌟✨

@VyrCossont thank you, I hope so too. What was it that changed so much after LHR? For me i think I’ll experimenting with makeup more as i don’t have to do any heavy masking. Also, I think it’ll greatly help towards self acceptance/open the door to wearing prosthetics outside.

@moiety i started hating my own reflection less! facial and chest hair were major sources of dysphoria for me.

being able to wear less makeup and then no makeup to cover beard shadow was a nice bonus, because i wasn't really into it enough to upgrade into daily wear makeup. i wanted to be able to just get up, throw on a dress, and go to the office looking like any other woman. now i can.

@VyrCossont yay! So happy that all worked out.

I’m starting with my face first. Chest is definitely next. But as I’m paying out of pocket I’m taking it one step at a time.

@VyrCossont @moiety I have been very happy with the results after just the one session on my face so far. Definitely less noticable! I have another one next week, but yeah, trying to stagger them so the credit card doesn't creak from the weight.

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