Someone commissioned me to design the already popular Gaysper ghostly emoji in a bunch of different pride flags 🏳️‍🌈.

Proud to present Gaysper in sixteen different pride flags:

Released under CC0.

:Gaysper: :Gaysper_Trans: :Gaysper_LesbianAll: :Gaysper_Enby:

Half of the sales price was donated to an LGBTQ+ related good cause :queercat_pride:

@moiety Seems kinda sad that the person who apparently made it doesn't seem to be getting credit or money for it.

>"Las búsquedas más antiguas de esta imagen en Google dirigen a la tienda Redbubble, donde una diseñadora –cuyo nombre de usuario es Baiiley– vende desde hace más de dos años tazas, pegatinas y camisetas con este diseño. "

They also say they tried to contact Baiiley but haven't gotten a response.

@leadore the original Gaysper came from the far-right if I’m not mistaking—not sure I want to credit them. As for the images included: those are exports from my recreation from the original.

Where does Baiiley fit into all of this? Because I’d be happy to credit them if that would make sense :).

@moiety No, the far-right took it and used it in their meme, which is how it got famous. But Baiiley makes graphics and had been selling products with that logo on their Redbubble site more than 2 years before the meme happened. The article says that is the earliest instance of it online that they could find. So all indications are that appears that Bailly is the creator.

It's cool that it's become so popular and your work is great. Just wanted to give some credit to Baiiley too.

@leadore oh that’s very interesting, thank you! I will add credits on the GitHub readme.

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