Introducing Queer Cats, now with more queer and more GitHub.

There are now fifteen different queer cats (including the basic yellow one) :queercat_pride:. Please feel free to request new ones!

New shapes will be added once the bases for those is drawn.

To make all of this a bit easier for everyone I’ve added them to a GitHub repository: Releases are posted as zip-files here:

Please enjoy :queercat:

Working on some new lovely queer cats :fuchsia:

:QueerCatHeart_Enby: QueerCatHeart_Enby
:QueerCatHeart_Pride: QueerCatHeart_Pride
:QueerCatHeart_Trans: QueerCatHeart_Trans
:QueerCatHeart_Sapphic: QueerCatHeart_Sapphic

More to follow :sparkles_pride:

With all sixteen added there’s enough love to go around for everyone:

:QueerCatHeart_Ace: :QueerCatHeart_Agender: :QueerCatHeart_Aromatic: :QueerCatHeart_Autism:

:QueerCatHeart_Bisexual: :QueerCatHeart_Enby: :QueerCatHeart_Genderfluid: :QueerCatHeart_Genderqueer:

:QueerCatHeart_Intersex: :QueerCatHeart_Lesbian: :QueerCatHeart_Pansexual: :QueerCatHeart_Polyamory:

:QueerCatHeart_Polysexual: :QueerCatHeart_Pride: :QueerCatHeart_Sapphic: :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

Enjoy :queercat_pride:

@moiety 😍

I can't wait to get this added to at least one other instance.

c/ @ella_kane

@kemonine @moiety I added it to another instance I'm in but it was the first batch. It just keeps on coming, halp!:_catsleep: (btw, could we have queer catsleep too?)

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