Some new emoji today:

:gaysper: gaysper
:transper: transper
:lesbisper: lesbisper

Will add more flags on request.

Will also remake them with blobcat graphics later.

Making progress!

Left: recreated blobcat from the original blob emoji source.

Right: the png I grabbed from mastodon.

In fairness to the right part: I did blow this up from 128px to 750px because I wanted some room to play with.

From here I’ll add a ghosty tail and start making them with flags :heart_pride:

Introducing Queer Cats:

:queercat_pride: queercat_pride
:queercat_ace: queercat_ace
:queercat_agender: queercat_agender
:queercat_bi: queercat_bi
:queercat_gq: queercat_gq
:queercat_lesbian: queercat_lesbian
:queercat_nb: queercat_nb
:queercat_pan: queercat_pan
:queercat_trans: queercat_trans

You can request other flags if you want :sparkles_pride:

Introducing a few new friends:

:queercat_sapphic: queercat_sapphic
:queercat_arom: queercat_arom
:queercat_polysexual: queercat_polysexual

@moiety Well into this, I made a few custom ones based on existing blob cats but had to trace them all first >.< I'll be keeping an eye here, and let me know if you need a hand =p

@Shrigglepuss I can share the .sketch-file or .svg-file if you want. I’ll create a GitHub repo too when I have something to show for.

The previous ghosts are pretty crappy in terms of how I made them. So I wanted to do these right 🌟.

@moiety =D Keep me posted! Might be a good opportunity for me to finally learn how to use git too

@Elizafox is there consensus on what the flag is? I see one with a pi sign and one with an infinite sign.

@a_breakin_glass perhaps with community contributions, yes. The initial goal was to create a blobcat ghost with all the flags. Creating a blobcat along the way was inevitable. Adding all the flags to that was trivial.

I will create a github repo this week with the source for this stuff so that people can contribute :meowthumbsup: .

@moiety brb going to the admin panel to adopt all these cats

@ThatWallflower you’re always welcome here if you had wanted to join another instance :blobcatheart:

@moiety Great! may I ask why did you use github? (I'm sorry I just get kinda triggered when I see someone using github)

@void it’s convenient for me. You don’t have to use it.

You can suggest new emoji on this thread if you want. And Mastodon has a handy “copy emoji”-function.

Is there something I’m missing?

@moiety nothing, just techbro bullshit (github is owned by Microsoft and is closed source/pretty capitalist)

@rick_777 oh I like that. Yes, I’ll work on that. Keep an eye on this thread or the github repo.

@moiety I made some more, if you are interested!

:aceper2: :spectraro: :boOlti: :ghostbian: :interspectre: :MOGAIsper: :queersper:

@kemonine since I only made those and not the whole set, no, but feel free to gather the ones I made with the other ones somewhere.

@Aster Would you be willing to share the source PNGs you used?

@kemonine sure! But that will take a while, since at the time I'm not sure of when I'll have time to use the computer again. ^^'


Thanks 😁

I'll pull them later today and get the sources added to the repo I put together.

Would you be open/willing to add a few more to the set?


@sina yeah, and if you want, there are a lot of intersex emoji here! :flor_intersexo:

@balrogboogie @Julia Yes, I did! She sent it to me yesterday when I complained.

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