When I was way into theatre I did a theatrical performance about puns.

It was a play on words.

Self portraits are a great form of selfie-expression.


Darryl took out the boomerang from his backpack. The aim plugin in his skull showed him the trayectory: the boomerang would land in the pool in the 30th floor of the building, a couple kms north. Jeoffrey was waiting.

As the boomerang left Darryl's hand, he grinned; perfect throw. A minute later, the boomerang returned with the infochips.

A few more exchanges, and he'd finally be able to leave the slums.

#cyberpunk #creativetoots #microfiction #writing

@moiety I have half a script written up for my school that I gave up on, called Word Play, with this concept.

The students, whose first language is not English, would not have enjoyed the show much. That's why I gave it up.

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