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Good morning beautiful faces 🥳.

📷: last day of the decade. Here’s to a new decade full of beautiful faces and photos :fuchsia:

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Hi I’m Zoë, gardener and keep at (a tiny Mastodon instance). I’m a non-binary lady from the Netherlands who’s figuring out where to go next in life.

During work hours I make sure my company’s application can be used by everyone—specialising in accessibility.

In my spare time I love to cycle and take photographs. Some of which you can admire every morning when I send a good morning toot into the world.

Hope to see your beautiful face around the fediverse.


Better. Now I can also focus better on my work. I don't know why but a ponytail helps. Get away from me, annoying hair!
(I'm getting all the sefies out of today, the one day in 2020 I'll probably wear eyeshadow)

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Holy shit I’m going to Zion National Park in May :D

If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

Horrible bilingual pun 

Should have specified: I’m looking for body fonts.

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gay girl selfie, eye contact 

I love Night Mode so much. This entire photo is lit by one small bulb in the kitchen hood :meowcamera:.

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medicine, lewd 

It's funny as hell to me that people will constantly attack someone on the off chance they're faking a disability without considering for a second they're just depriving a disabled person of resources

Like, how can you not like a show with a diverse cast and that has the line "nothing belongs to anyone" in the first two minutes of the show!

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Dutch, weed, language 

you encounter two people at a fork in the road. one of them always lies, but not about baseball. the other also always lies, but not about golf. thankfully you have a map and can ignore them.

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