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Good morning beautiful faces :blobcatlove:

:meowcamera: such a beautiful sunset in Berlin last month.

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Good morning beautiful faces 🥳.

📷: last day of the decade. Here’s to a new decade full of beautiful faces and photos :fuchsia:

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Hi I’m Zoë, gardener and keep at (a tiny Mastodon instance). I’m a non-binary lady from the Netherlands who’s figuring out where to go next in life.

During work hours I make sure my company’s application can be used by everyone—specialising in accessibility.

In my spare time I love to cycle and take photographs. Some of which you can admire every morning when I send a good morning toot into the world.

Hope to see your beautiful face around the fediverse.

does anyone have advice on “professionalism” and like “how to get a job” and “how to succeed under capitalism” that isn’t just repackaged ableism/racism/classism/cisnormativity?

i don’t need the advice i just need more people to reflect on the question

Some new emoji:

:QueerCatLoves_BlackTrans: QueerCatLoves_BlackTrans
:QueerCatHeart_BlackTrans: QueerCatHeart_BlackTrans
:QueerCat_BlackTrans: QueerCat_BlackTrans
:QueerRaccoon_BlackTrans: QueerRaccoon_BlackTrans

My love for you is like the footpaths in Planet Zoo—I can never get it quite right.

everyone who follows me is madly in love with me

Never submit your own type to a "I'll write something about this"-toot.

Plural of words.

Dutch: fedora's
English: fedoras

Dutch: Zoë's
English: Zoë's


Anyways bitch
Protect Black trans folks today
And forever

Sobriety +, selfie 

7 months alcohol free ✨✨✨

If anyone wants the 💯 emoji in their favourite pride flag let me know!

here is what i want to know:

- do crows count days?
- crows don’t fly in formation. why?
- why big lil burd so cyute :3

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Is it gay to buy a house and invite all your friends over to sleep on a giant mattress in the living room?

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