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Good morning beautiful faces 💗

:meowcamera: Love spend time in the mountains 💕

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Good night beautiful faces :fuchsia:

:meowcamera: this sunset is so unbelievably beautiful—I’ll never forget that moment :meowaww:

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Good morning beautiful faces 🥳.

📷: last day of the decade. Here’s to a new decade full of beautiful faces and photos :fuchsia:

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Hi I’m Zoë, gardener and keep at (a tiny Mastodon instance). I’m a non-binary lady from the Netherlands who’s figuring out where to go next in life.

During work hours I make sure my company’s application can be used by everyone—specialising in accessibility.

In my spare time I love to cycle and take photographs. Some of which you can admire every morning when I send a good morning toot into the world.

Hope to see your beautiful face around the fediverse.

RDR All Stars 

Can we just skip the season and crown Shea?


Start a small fire in your room. It's not like it could spread or anything

looking for trans affirmations please, boosts welcome

You’ve heard about tomboys and femboys. Now get ready for themboys :100Enby:.

misinfo, shitpost, genitals 

90% of women can’t get an erection

what was i assigned at birth? unrealistic expectations

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