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Good morning beautiful faces 💗

:meowcamera: Love spend time in the mountains 💕

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Good night beautiful faces :fuchsia:

:meowcamera: this sunset is so unbelievably beautiful—I’ll never forget that moment :meowaww:

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Good morning beautiful faces 🥳.

📷: last day of the decade. Here’s to a new decade full of beautiful faces and photos :fuchsia:

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Hi I’m Zoë, gardener and keep at (a tiny Mastodon instance). I’m a non-binary lady from the Netherlands who’s figuring out where to go next in life.

During work hours I make sure my company’s application can be used by everyone—specialising in accessibility.

In my spare time I love to cycle and take photographs. Some of which you can admire every morning when I send a good morning toot into the world.

Hope to see your beautiful face around the fediverse.

@Sorl @myconidiosyncrasy yes my pronouns are hthshe/htzheris/tsheirz and I won’t repeat myself :blobcatgiggle:

would you prefer to get your gender by mining or by crafting?

@Sorl @PhoebeWallerPalladino inventing time travel so i can bring estrogen back to hca and ask them their pronouns

Opening jars through text should totally be a thing :100_gay:

@huntra maybe I should have added a “Would rather not say in tech” option :meowtihihi:

It’s been a listen-to-Flyleaf-everyday kinda year

Salty? Me? No no no, I’ll have you know I’m non-brinery.

If you were to join an organised group that was looking to improve your representation in the industry, how would you like that organisation to be known?

Driving a car is like therapy for. Unfortunately y’all be hating on my therapy :blobcatglaredrink:.

Them: “I want to marry my wife”
Me: “I mean yes. But what how?”

Sometimes I run errands. But most times I just walk them.
#boom #pun #idioms

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