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"Hello my name is St�phanie", the slides of my second talk at on special characters, encoding and awful user experience going far beyond the web #vdthess18 #encoding #specialcharacters

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Dang I wish MY magical girl transformation sequence only took a few seconds

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Safe personal spaces are important. 💜

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Good morning beautiful faces 🛀🏻.

I’m making the best of it today by starting off with a relaxing bath 🧼.

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first names should be four characters or less

Why developers always win from marketing:

Docker website: “Login to download Docker for Mac”

Me: $ brew install docker

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love being a girl
love girls

Ah fuck, the deadline for submitting my article has passed but I forgot to do the final edits 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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The worst thing about being disabled is other people.

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"What's wrong with you then?"
"So are you in that all the time?"
"It's really good you still get out and about"

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So apparently sweater season and pride season are at the same time this year :heart_bi:

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