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Good morning beautiful faces ✨.

📷: Amsterdam is always so beautiful at night.

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Grave (2016) 

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Good morning beautiful faces :blobcatheart:

📷: I got to enjoy this gorgeous sunset at Shark Reef yesterday. One thing I’ll never forget about Lopez Island is its gorgeous sunsets.

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I once dated a woman that used a Windows Phone.

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Hi I’m Zoë, gardener and keep at (a tiny Mastodon instance). I’m a non-binary lady from the Netherlands who’s figuring out where to go next in life.

During work hours I make sure my company’s application can be used by everyone—specialising in accessibility.

In my spare time I love to cycle and take photographs. Some of which you can admire every morning when I send a good morning toot into the world.

Hope to see your beautiful face around the fediverse.

@mxsiege Cute Leader, this is Cute Squadron Sigma, reporting in, all systems are *squeeeee* :heart_parrot: :blobaww: :ablobcatrave: :party_blobcatmelt:

To whoever needs to hear it: you're good, your work is good and KEEP GOING. 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪

Take the respect you have for trans people and also apply it to yourself :heart_trans:.

I think what’s really important here is I love you :fuchsia:.

If you crush on me, now is the time to say it, or not, or wait, or not giving a shit

Do you have a crush on me?

Bribing a Cepholopod?
That's a Squid Pro Quo!

"Dad, there's a monster under my bed!"
"Oh? What does it want?"
"Wait, I'll ask..."
"It's afraid of the Roomba."
"Yeah. I'll build a Lego wall for it to hide behind."
"But dad!"
"Tomorrow. I'll turn the Roomba off for tonight."
"It says thanks!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

cis hot take: “I’m cis and neither”

mh (-) 

kissing someone on the forehead is how you check their temperature

Me: STEM is very white.

Techo: Actually, i know a black programmer.

Me: Wow ive never felt so incorrect ty for that.

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