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Sorry I can't come to your online event I kinda just want to lie around with no make up on in peace

Every time I read "acnh" my head plays the sound I make when I suppress a sneeze.

Yeah I know. With my skin tone, I positively have to avoid the high summer sun. But I like it when my feet just do not look like curd cheese when sandal season comes, so I am using those precious soft spring sun rays to get some tan on them.

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selfie, eye contact 

You know what's funny? When I look how my style has developed, it is utterly surprising to me. I would have never believed that I would do this kind of super bright paintings! I would never have guessed that my work would look like this. Never! For years I struggled with color and mainly stuck to pencil drawings out of fear to mess up.
Here, my last 6 paintings. #artistLife #artistProblems #mastoArt #traditionalArt #art

Today's gender is numbness and the sound of canned laughter.

what if one day, while taking a capsule pill like normal, like you have done for years, but the pill then slowly opens like a clam and a tiny bald man with huge eyelashes peers at you emptily

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people posting selfies without image descriptions and risking getting trapped in the shadow dimension, stay safe yโ€™all

For the love of *God* white people think twice before you use the word "exotic."

i appreciate the fact that has a :gayduck: emoji

who doesn't need more gay ducks in their life

i am once again asking for the destruction of capitalism

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