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New instance, new ... well, hello. :heart_trans: :heart_pride: :heart_nb: :heart_bi:

I am Juni, your friendly fat queer old hag from next door. I am enby, a bit of a bore, journalist by trade, I live in what germans call a big city, and I want to outsleep (or, depending on my mood, overthrow) capitalism and install fully automated luxury gay space communism with extra-well appointed darkrooms.

Also, I like chocolate and flowers.

Please note that our security policy has changed and your new password must contain both upper and lower case letters, at least one number and one symbol, and two named female characters discussing something other than a man.

My old notebook has resurfaced. I had nearly forgotten about it. Inside are outdated phone numbers, some house addresses, cigar brands I liked (can you imagine me smoking cigars?... nah, me neither), stuff like that. I had used it for a while before I got my first real smartphone, then started taking notes on the screen.
There are still lots of blank pages, so I will re-use it and take my D&D notes in it.

Very wisdom. Stolen from twitter. Sorry not sorry 

"There are two types of people in this world.

Avoid them both."

new tattoo, seminudity, :boosts_ok_gay: 

when I started passing as cis, I experienced social acceptance for my gender expression for the first time. "_now_ you can wear makeup". as long as I stay stealth, as long as they don't know I'm trans. (Julia Serano's term for "passing" is "conditional cis privilege").

so I started wearing trans pride symbols 24/7, but it quickly become clear that most cis folk don't know these yet. the only thing that would be clear enough would be the word "transgender" spelled out, tattooed in some very visible place. but I couldn't quite make up my mind about where. till I saw @dancebriadance's awesome collection of hand-poked tats, and looking at their hand, it dawned on me...

:drake_like: I have a fun ringtone
:drake_dislike: nobody ever calls me


having a weird art girls moment on the roof 🎨🦌🍓



... and lots of butterflies!

Unfortunately I do not know much about butterflies, so I can not name them.

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Who thought dullness could hurt?

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Wait forget about that, I know exactly why I feel hollow and pointless. But it does not help.

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No idea how this came about, but I feel hollow and pointless at the moment.

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Found a nice blue skirt today in a place where I would not have expected it

(not a good picture actually, since the apartment I am staying in does not have a good mirror)

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of course that's also true for everyone under the queer umbrella but I would not be a girlfag if I wouldn't declare my appreciation for gay men from time to time! :heart_gq:

so here's some big appreciation for the guys and people who are gay for men.

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mental health, gayness, society 

I've started to watch the #skincare expert hyram's mental health video playlist and the first one is about coming out as gay and growing up mormon. It's so moving 😭 people should not have to deny who they are.

this one goes out to all the brave gay guys. I'm so very glad for everyone who survives the heteronormative shitshow that you were forced to play in. keep going, it's wonderful you exist. :gay: :_gayheart2: :douze_points: :blobcatflower:

It's "fuck the imposition of colonial gender constructs onto my glorious black body" day

the world is so much more interesting now that trans/nb people are coming out and being openly part of things.

imagine what will society be like when the plurals and the furries and the kin and everybody else are just a normal part of everyday life 🤯

I might have made two new friends in the past six weeks and re-established contacts with an old one. I am not particularly good at these things, so yay me.

What if it occurs to you the only good motive to do a thing is, in fact, not a good motive, but a reason not to do it at all?

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