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aide, connaitre la ville de Rennes, boost svp 

Concernant le bruit :
Je vis actuellement dans un quartier populaire plutot chouette (coin de verdure, tram au pied de mon immeuble) mais y'a pas mal de mec qui s'amusent avec leur moto cross, quad, voitures bien bruyantes

Tout ca me file de grosse angoisse et j'aimerai eviter de retomber sur un quartier avec autant de bruit, quitte a m'eloigner de la ville

merci !


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aide, connaitre la ville de Rennes, boost svp 

J'ai aussi besoin de savoir quelle ligne de bus sont sans risque pour moi et les gens de mon foyer : que des personnes trans neuro-atypique. Iels sont pas angoissées comme moi mais j'ai peur pour iels donc j'aimerai etre sure qu'on sera en securite y compris dans les transport en commun

Peut-etre je vois le mal partout. C'est mes angoisses qui parlent plusse qu'autre chose


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aide, connaitre la ville de Rennes, boost svp 

Je cherche a mieux connaitre la ville de Rennes, notamment les quartiers mais aussi les parties en dehors de la rocade mais accessible en transport en commun. J'essaie aussi de connaitre les quartiers ou je me sentirai bien.
Hors, j'ai de grosses angoisses quand j'suis en quartier ou y'a trop de bruit (j'explique ci-dessous).



I've been warned several times and I'm scared each time.
it finally happened

(Twitch's poison killing red buff)

coffee, photography 

I use a French press to make coffee, with small filter. Once well compressed and dried, it makes gorgeous disk that look like cookies
Love those!

Language, bike, boost plz 

Bike nerds, I need you again (if you are ok with it) please

Specifically : bike nerd speaking both French and English

So in French, their a particular way of riding a bike, standing on the pedal *and* pushing the bike left and right as you pedal. It gives a lot of force.
We call it, in French, "en danseuse" literraly "in danser" or "dansing"

What's the equivalent way of saying this in English (if any)?


help, watercooling, computer hardware, boost plz 

2- If my diagnosis is correct, I'll have to change the kit. I was thinking of building one myself instead of a AIO so I know better how to maintain and check it. Any resources or advice?

Thanks !


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help, watercooling, computer hardware, boost plz 

I'm looking for help with two things

1- I have a AIO (All In One) watercooling kit. Corsair Hydro series. When booting the system and with only Firefox on Windows running, the CPU core temperatures are above 77°C (celsius degrees) even around 80°C and at boot I had some scary 90°C. Is that normal? I suspect the pump isn't running anymore, despite HWMonitor reporting 4560RPM on CPUFAN where it's plugged in. Any mean for me to check?


Now is the above a shipost or a serious post?

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This post about bikes was such an awesome idea retrospectively
Lucky me that the fediverse has such a nice culture (and lots of people from the Netherlands, I suspect that's a factor)

pol fr, rant 

La ponctualité est un terrible concept de droite, liberticide et validiste dans le cadre de l'emploi

Y'all are awesome, hope you know that

bikes, sweat and how to get around, boost plz 

Okay, y'all have been absolutely awesome answering my question "Why are bikes so cool"

I'd like to get more into biking, using it for transportation and I have a question :
How to handle heat and sweat?

Because I tend to sweat easily and the sensation is really bad. So going in city center for shopping after a bike ride is kind of a no-no

Maybe I'm doing something wrong?



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