help, ADHD, boost plz 

Hi everyone,

I suspect I have ADHD and waiting for a diagnosis. In the mean time, I manage by coffee to get some focus, of course.

My question is:
Do you peeps have any substance that works to calm oneself?

Details in following toot

Any advice ?


help, ADHD, boost plz 

Case in point:
I've had an awesome day, I'm running (in my head) really fast and it's hard to manage. I'm supposed to go to bed in 2h in order to keep my sleep schedule right (very important).
The only substance that helps me calm down while still being functional is alcohol. Not ideal, I'd want to avoid falling in a alcoholic pattern


Re: help, ADHD, boost plz 

@jack ive no idea your feelings / the legal situation you are in, But for me personally cannabis use helps me feel less like theres a million things going on in my head. I've never been diagnosed with adhd so grain of salt but i tend to think of myself as a hyperactive person and i am often finding myself "bouncing" from goal to goal.

help, ADHD, boost plz 

@jack Stimulant of choice as a possibility. Strong tea, coffee, what have you. If it's ADHD, your problem isn't calming down - it's having enough energy to stop. You know your reactions to those best, but it might be a counterintuitive venue that you haven't considered.

If stimulants don't do it for you, hot milk and honey are classics for a reason, as are hot showers after which one goes to bed. You can try to use temperature as a relaxant rather than a substance.

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