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my undoing will be that i assume everyone wearing something with a rainbow on it is lgbtq+

"If I can’t be sated and de-thirsted 24 hours a day I want to be lifted up out of my body so I don’t have to feel anything or so I can feel only euphoric.

Sometimes poetry does one of these things for me: sates or de-thirsts or lifts.

I read my first poems at six.

I wrote my first poems at eight.

I have since tried many other ways to fill the god-shaped hole, but poetry is one of the safest ways I know how.

The main consequence of reading poetry, for me, is writing poetry."

Melissa Broder

"I have an infinite god-shaped hole inside."

-- Melissa Broder being fucking relatable

it could have different sections for different forms of intersecting disabilities including like developmental, physical, chronic, and what we could do for those who have multiple ones

it would be cool and probably helpful if we wrote accessibility guides for pride, but idk how we would go about it let alone meaningfully distribute it so that pride organizers could both be aware and make the changes needed

not always believing that you're smart, good, and important doesn't stop it from being true!

"For that’s what poetry is–a way to live through time
And sometimes, just for a while, to bring it back."

— John Koethe, from “Ninety-Fifth Street,”

"All that liquor and those sticky kisses I saw and the dirt that settled on my skin on the way back is turning into something pure."

-- Sylvia Plath, "The Bell Jar"


i want to say again before i fall asleep that i love you all so much. i know that can seem trite because i don't know a lot of you, but i don't have to know you. i love you. we're all doing the best we can and we're all good at heart. i hope you all find what will most satisfy your hearts. you're all so so good and i love you so much.

i am powerful and i am strong.
you are powerful and you are strong.
it is the queer condition. :heart_pride: 🌱

i know it's early but any gays going to chicago pride?

god though so many of us have died, you know? i don't know all of the queer people who died on the way to where we are now, but deep inside me i feel them and i miss them

lyricposting, all caps 


i am the most useless fucking piece of trashpunk ever but i do my best to love the people around me and contribute to my community when im able and that's enough. being a force that loves and supports when they can is enough. you don't have to be a cog in the wheel of capitalism to be a "real adult". y'know? just have good intentions and love in your heart


my #1 i like to do when im tipsy is tell everyone i love them and listen to upbeat queer music and i think that's pretty cute of me

i love you all. i love that when im surrounded irl w people who don't understand i can come here and know that you intrinsically do. we might be bad at things culture believes are important but we're real good at loving each other and supporting each other and that;s actually the most important thing. :blobheartcat:

survival 👏 shouldn't 👏 be 👏dependent 👏 on 👏 usefulness

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