feel more like a part of the earth than i do a human being

if you're into body mods here's a really good explanation of piercing w needles vs a piercing gun/general piercing info from the professional end

cw: needles, a little bit of blood


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*becomes an influencer specifically to encourage kids to explore their gender and sexuality and also show them how to serve diy punk looks*

ecosia.org/?c=en is a search engine that uses the income from searches and ads to plant trees! it's slightly less efficient than using google, but snopes verified--as much as it can--that it's legit and actually using the income to plant the trees they say they do! 🍃🌲


you've survived these anxious feelings before and come out the other end just fine! anxiety lies a lot or overlooks factual truths. you're going to be okay. this awful feeling is going to end. you're so strong and good. :blobcatheart:

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@WammKD you forgot the part where i reminded you that you picked the Worst Gay :meowthinkingfast:

take your time. it's okay to be delicate. it's okay not to know. taking care of yourself is the most important and most revolutionary thing you can do right now :blobsnuggle: 🌱

on a list from one to four mufasas how likely are you to be killed by your brother in an attempt to usurp the danish throne


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