can someone tell netflix that having one gay character the show constantly mocks doesn't make a show a "gay lgbt tv"

bad opinion maybe 

bad opinion maybe 

tenderposting, reassuring the reader (+) 

minimum wage jobs is just people w power using that power to punish or reward personal differences or similarities

@momjeans legally it's a slippery slope, and a lot of disabled people are concerned that making something like this legal could have precedent to the state deciding disabled lives aren't valuable or caretakers having even more leeway when they decide to kill their disabled kids/family/wards/etc bc it's happened before

@momjeans it's a tricky thing to talk about, esp considering the history of caretakers deciding for disabled folks that there's no point or grace or dignity in them living and the state being on their side bc it does tend to be the predominant narrative that disabled lives, esp ones considered severely disabled, aren't worth living

@momjeans there is a prevalent culture that sort of impresses on people with terminal illnesses that their life isn't worth living because their "quality of life" is considered to be lower than abled people that you kinda have to consider. a lot of disabled folks feel this way bc of internalized ableism, and there's been pushback in the community recently against euthanasia/the arguments that there's no dignity or grace in living with a soupy brain or terminal illness.

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someday all the queer little girls who watched the wreck it ralph sequel are going to realize shank was their gay awakening

you don't owe your partners sex. you don't have to have a "good" reason. any feeling you're having that indicates sex is a thing you don't want to do is good enough for them to respect. you don't have to know why.

like a turtle but instead of a shell i have a teapot with legholes and the lid balances on my head

my favorite thing about the face thing was that it called kafka a sheep, probably because he's very white and puffy

if i could go back in time i would simply be the bear lord byron hoped to see in the world

trans poetry 

while mentally-ill folks do get blamed for mass shootings, please don't forget that it's also blamed on autistic folks or widely speculated that mass shooters were autistic

oh god if you break your nose with a septum ring in does it go up into the soft bits? has anyone ever broken their nose with their septum in?

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