chicago essentially trapped protesters downtown by cutting off public transit in the loop/downtown area and raising all the bridges that aow cars and walk ways out of the loop (downtown chicago is kinda like an island because of the cicago river) and threatening ppl with arrest if they're not home by curfew, which was announced 30 mins before it began. one bridge is open but only to the north side. chicago freedom school is funding ubers to help ppl home n sheltering folks who can't 1/2

for anyone stuck in chicago, grace place is open for protesters at 637 S. Dearborn St

from twitter:

for anyone stuck in downtown, lasalle st and harrison st bridges are open

closest open cta is clark/division for red line (if going north)

sox 35th (if going south)

ashland green line (if going west)

division for blue line (if going nw)

uic-halsted (if going to harlem)

from twitter:

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cops started shooting in downtown chicago and near the loop, please be careful

@jude_ folks on twitter are using , i think, i've seen people on masto use call to action or call to help in the cws

mental health resources for poc 

link: therapists of color consultation group and support community for the bay area

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hey, an acquaintance's work has been shut down till further notice, she was exposed to covid and is understandably afraid; you can donate to her venmo here:

if you were arrested in san antonio this attorney will also represent you pro-bono, his number is 210-858-7997

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if you were arrested in houston this attorney will represent you pro-bono


mental health resources for poc 

link: therapy for black girls; black-owned, a directory to help you find black therapists in your area

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mental health resources for poc 

link: ethel's club, a black-owned and operated social club that offers access to black therapists and a bunch of creative events for poc

@momjeans the white couch is like the poison spikes fish have

personal opinions about sea creatures 

moray eels look friend-shaped but they got some fucked up double jaw action going on

genital shitpost 

meat so huge i use it to pole-vault across the street

misinformation, shitpost about us politics 

no first amendment rights, socialism ONLY

blown away by all these competent goth girls cutting mullets on youtube rip to them but im different

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