god to be a genderqueer person skewering pieces of tofu with a bow and makin' songs about loving tofu with their cello + harmonica combo

shit like religious trauma and just cultural stuff makes it hard to tell what you really are. realizing it later in life doesn't mean you're a fraud. you're what you are, no matter when you realized it. okay? we're all for you.

i changed my ig name to shakespearelovedtwinks i can't wait for my mom's upset email asking me to send her historical backup for this

studying poetry/literature in general, personal 

studying poetry/literature in general, personal 

snl usually isn't good but that skit about cheques they did is extremely extremely good it's exactly what i've imagined every single time i've ever written someone a check

generational trauma (~) 

generational trauma (~) 

backwards and forwards, you're my family and im so grateful for everything we all have done in the past and will still do in the future :better_pride: :QueerCatHeart_Genderqueer:

any 'positive energy' that's being marketed to you is toothless and designed to keep you weak. some things can only be found in a community and shared, not fucking sold to you

personal, ace positivity 

eye contact, tired autistic selfie 💚 

gender (+) 

live-tooting home depot's online plant listings 

umbrella academy, spoilers, trauma 

umbrella academy, spoilers, trauma 

it makes me feel like a bad enby or maybe a fake enby but i feel really unsafe in public men's bathrooms in a way i dont in public women's and im curious if anyone else feels the same or opposite or not at all

a. enby but feel unsafe in men's restrooms

b. enby but feel unsafe in women's restrooms

c. enby and feel okay in either

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