implied state violence, cops 

nothing but respect for my president


i got this in october but felt too self-conscious to post till now! im going to get my other arm finished by another blackwork artist next week and im excited!

birtherism, us politics, right-wing nonsense shitpost 

spirit (demons)

selfie, sorry 

i posted this earlier i think n then deleted it because i have a hard time parsing whether a selfie is good to post on social media

ableism shitpost, autistic angel stereotype,, lol 

oh my god can you imagine

here's some really good paintings of a cat an artist on ig posted if you wanna follow her or see more she's @ vanessastockard on ig

kinda subtoot 

that "would'st thou like to live deliciously" post reminded me of this

satirical doc martens review, violence implied uncaptioned 


do y'all want to see a beautiful photo of jon that my brother took?

we saw a lot of good queer art today but here are two of my favorites

if you're having a tough day/night/afternoon here's a cool painting of a jacked up tiger by bruno pontiroli

bingo repost for the day crew 

i left this up for an hour at 3am and then got embarrassed and deleted it :x

eye contact, tired autistic selfie 💚 

i feel kinda insecure about this photo but my partner said I looked cute 🌈

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