it's not enough to say vaccines don't cause autism. we've also gotta say autism isn't a disease; autism is just another variation of personhood; it's effectively just whether your brain runs on windows or linux & saying "vaccines don't cause autism" is still villianizing autism and autistics.

There some who would say windows is a disease, but that's overextending the metaphor

Thank god my child is dead. At least he didn't catch the autism. My family's honor is safe for another day...

@gentlerdarknesses I mean, as an autist, the world could really be a better place if vaccines caused autism with 100% success rate.

@gentlerdarknesses yes. Preach. Also the fighting of constant ableism is burning so much energy one already doenst have because existing is so exhausting.

@gentlerdarknesses because of the ableds and multi-privileged behaviour(ism)

My favourite answer to "Vaccines cause autism" is "Actually, autism causes vaccines"
Think I saw that here on the Fediverse, first.

@gentlerdarknesses This is part of why I have little sympathy for anti-vaxxers. I can get someone being taken in by bad evidence to be recruited into a damaging worldview, but when it's a hatred of autism that leads most people there I'm not keen giving them the benefit of the doubt

Autisic people deserve understanding, and we all deserve to not get measles

@gentlerdarknesses It’s also not enough to say that vaccines don’t cause autism. Vaccine education in the USA is horrendous. Many folks don’t follow the flu shot regime even when a doctor tells them to their face to definitely come back for the second dose. Many people believe that vaccines make you sick, just less sick than the regular disease.

Learn about vaccines, folks! Most folks don’t know what they don’t know!

@gentlerdarknesses Of course if we had good public education and public health care this wouldn’t be a problem for us but here we are in captalism. Nobody’s gonna educate you on this. You gotta learn it yourself.

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