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the parts of you they've tried to reprogram were really important. the parts of you they've tried to make you feel ashamed of were parts of you that are so good. there is nothing wrong with you. disrupting straight white allistic norms are so much more important than respectability politics, and i hope you find people who celebrate those parts of you instead of punishing them, because you deserve that.

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me, sitting upside-down in my desk chair using my hands to spin it around: do you think stars have feelings

satan, head buried in his hands: shut the fuck up jude ,

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lyricposting, alcohol mention 

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💚 here's 40+ PDFs for coping skills, challenging thoughts, managing anger, managing distress, identifying and rating feelings, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and therapist materials :blobheartcat:


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for two supposedly intuitive creatures it's remarkable how often the cats divebomb each other when the recipient of the divebomb isn't in the mood

this thought is coming on the heels of that movie leap year where amy adams has to find her boyfriend in time to propose bc if you're a woman you can only propose to your partner on a leap year

in every enby-getting-married story i've ever heard one of the enbies proposes to their partner who in turn pulls out a ring bc they were waiting for the right time to ask

the people who leave yelp reviews for resturants as if they're on the judging panel for fucking top chef or something are the same ppl who think boomer is a slur

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selfie, sorry 

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marry someone before they have the chance to see the way you dance and then break out all your embarrassing moves AFTERWARDS when they're legally committed to you for life

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we should get him a custom sweater that says 'my other favorite toy is a zip tie'

he's gently patting at it to encourage us to play with him oh my god

kafka just dragged a toy longer than he is into my room, hopped up onto my bed with it, sat triumphantly down on my pillow and laid it next to me, my cat is a golden retriever



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