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the parts of you they've tried to reprogram were really important. the parts of you they've tried to make you feel ashamed of were parts of you that are so good. there is nothing wrong with you. disrupting straight white allistic norms are so much more important than respectability politics, and i hope you find people who celebrate those parts of you instead of punishing them, because you deserve that.

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me, sitting upside-down in my desk chair using my hands to spin it around: do you think stars have feelings

satan, head buried in his hands: shut the fuck up jude ,

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💚 here's 40+ PDFs for coping skills, challenging thoughts, managing anger, managing distress, identifying and rating feelings, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and therapist materials :blobheartcat:

i fucking hate ads/people in advertising that try to commercialize human experiences stop trying to monetize people starved for honest interaction my god you;re all going to hell and i fucking hate you

playing love love love by the mountain goats at your wedding

u know when mischief brew said "there's no use in locking doors; there's one of me in every home" / "roll me through the gates of hell oh please/and i'll be back in ur daughter's dreams"? that's queer allyship

last year when the news got overwhelming to listen to on it's own i used to listen to the harvest celebration by the petrojvic blasting company over it until it just became too obfuscated to hear and that helped i think

i used to think i was straight; i, an enby who collapses like a victorian lady when a girl flirts with them and needs like three days to recover

if i had superpowers i hope it'd be enough to help everyday people but not so much that i'd be expected to help out with saving the universe. like, maybe on my way to getting a pizza i help a kid get their ball off the roof of a house or open a fire hydrant so they can play in the water or something

don't refer to an autistic person as "high-functioning" or "low-functioning" unless you know they've chosen and are comfortable using those terms for themselves. they;re terms allistics have used to describe us in dehumanizing, minimizing ways and to throw them around--esp when you're an allistic referring to an autistic person who might not be okay with that--is violent and ableist.

me: what if aliens come from the ocean, not space? what if we've been wrong this *whole time*

partner: bursts out laughing

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it's empowering to be like "there's a reason why ive been in pain most of my life and it's because im trans and gender norms have been imposed on me from a really vulnerable age but im done trying to do good by rules that hurt me".

i was put on this earth to be tender and queer but also to eat an extraordinary amount of breakfast food hello

my actual agenda is radicalize the neighbors via extremely obvious messages about how everything under capitalism is bad and also friendship via offering them fresh herb clippings

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me: compliments cute girls

girls: are sweet and kind back

me: :blobcatlewd:

autism meta kinda?, adjacently building on what other ppl are talking about sorta, (~/+) 

anyway who wants to start a folkpunk band you dont have to be good you just gotta be gay

i want to use the rest of the year learning how to play the ukulele and growing our own rosemary, basil, and garlic

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