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autism shitpost 

*mimicks human behavior in ways they're not entirely familiar with*

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hey, here's a twitter thread of black trans women's gofundmes that haven't reached their goals yet:

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here's 40+ PDFs for coping skills, challenging thoughts, managing anger, managing distress, identifying and rating feelings, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and therapist materials :blobheartcat:

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i accidentally deleted my old account so if ur a friend or mutual who i forgot to add just lmk i'm so sorry

could we just, have a wildly joyful silly queer movie instead of the intense dramas that we get every few years

do you want to cry when someone says "you did so well" in an asmr podcast or are you normal

let the record show jon chose rainbow road over our relationship

love language: hearing the other person sneeze on the other side of the house and yelling bless u


"a lot of abusive parents were abused by their parents" okay, and? lots of people who were abused choose not to become abusive to others.

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unsolicited validation, abuse 

it doesn't matter if your parents were abusive to you because their parents traumatized them, you still don't owe them any consideration whatsoever.

a lot of parents shouldn't be validated about how they feel about/discipline their kid

inverting the bury ur gays trope, silly 

there's only one straight character. they have sex and then die immediately, the rest of the characters are nice to straight people from then on


and the earth looked at me and said
"wasn't that fun?"
and I replied "i'm sorry if i hurt anyone"
and without even thinking cast me into space
but before she did that she wiped off my own face

she said "better luck next time don't worry so much"
without ears i couldn't hear i could just feel the touch
as I fell asleep softly at the edge of a cave
but I should have gone deeper, but I'm not so brave

also if you're indigenous feel free to add your info; im not able to donate rn but we can boost ur replies to get them under the eyes of folks who can

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here's also a thread of shows and films featuring indigenous peoples from the same person i linked the donation thread from:

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queers be doing day-trips to the botanical gardens and taking selfies with trees

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