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an immune-compromised family friend contracted covid & we're very worried.

he takes care of his parents bt he's extremely vulnerable & doesn't have the money to afford care if his case gets severe. if u can donate anything it'd be so helpful; he basically raised his niece and done so much for his community & now he needs some help

you can donate money to his niece's venmo at: @shortybri

all money would be allocated to medical expenses + helping take care of his elderly parents!

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just makin this to pin it but please don't be sexual at me

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hey, here's a twitter thread of black trans women's gofundmes that haven't reached their goals yet:

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here's 40+ PDFs for coping skills, challenging thoughts, managing anger, managing distress, identifying and rating feelings, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and therapist materials :blobheartcat:

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i accidentally deleted my old account so if ur a friend or mutual who i forgot to add just lmk i'm so sorry

i like that we as a species all feel enchanted when we encounter glowing mushrooms in video games

i am but one fediverse raccoon among many..we screm at ass n eat ur trash...we are..legion >:)

dumb ph/binding question 

has anyone who binds had breathing issues/chest pains and gone to a doctor for it? did they generally understand how binding constricts your chest/take you seriously/was it something they could fix?

nonblack folks: if you wanna contribute to the fund so the artists get more than $100 each, venmo or paypal them with the comment "artist pot"

all money will be evenly divided among artists, n they'll post the recipets to their story

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yo, gendersauce on insta is giving micro grants to black women/trans folks who make art

to submit, email them your art page (on insta or a website), a photo of a piece of art you made, and a description of some supplies you'd like to buy:

all submissions must be emailed today, they'll randomly select 3 winners n let u know via email!

if u win they'll feature ur art and post updates on how u use the money (if you want, and not w/o permission!)

hey, thanks everybody for boosting! he found a job and is starting tomorrow!

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they don't need to be tight in the hips and thighs like that! why can't you just make them fit normal!

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i fell asleep before i could remember to make a post but, thank all yall for cw-ing for tone in ur posts; it makes it a lot more clear what ur trying to say or whether it's meant to be irony or sincere or a request for info or whatever. as someone who has a tough time reading tone online and off it makes this place way more accessible :blobcatheart:

silly dunk on a specific type of cishet woman, caps 


xian cishet woman on youtube: I LOVE BEING A CHAMPION OF MARRIAGE

I'm seeing a lot of allistic folks making posts about autistic people, sometimes the same ones who make autistic behaviors into a joke. we're not here to make you look like a good person. we don't need you to speak for us in already densely autistic spaces, there's autistic folks already doing that.

wish i was a chiken wearing a sweater in some lesbian's yard

you deserve to be able to express pain, full stop. you deserve the room to feel bad and you deserve the space to talk about it. you don't owe anybody unconditional positivity

y'all, can you cw unreality stuff? not just misinfo but also like the creepy surrealist type posts, shitposts about like supernatural lore, spooky aesthetic posts, stuff that hints at like being watched or the supernatural

you can reach him via email @: or 262-501-6954

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