US culture, outsider 

I'm not of US culture, but I've grown watching and hearing a lot of it through a lot of media. Mainly mainstream shit

And one thing I just realised:
I hate how it is so essentialist


US culture, outsider 

Think about it, in so many US movies containing a character with amnesia, most of mainstream will have the fundamental characteristics of that character won't change.
They're closest friend will still recognise some "typical" thing about them


US culture, outsider 

In US culture, personality is immutable.
Growing up isn't about building something, it's about building who you have been anyway. You just have to "follow your heart". And here, heart means soul, in the most permanent way possible.
You are what you are, you will always be what you are, deep down.
You can't change


US culture, outsider 

Even in movies claiming different, I'm pretty sure people have some sort of archetype that never changes.


US culture, outsider 

Anyway,,, essentialism is a trap I fell for, **hard**

And I'm French,. so you bet essentialism is part of our culture too, big time. I don't know if it has a link, but for us, it comes from Christianity.
Even though I'll admit, most spirituality I know about have some sort of essentialism (neo-paganism, Norse culture, celtic culture), especially on gender


US culture, outsider 

All this, because Furious 6 has a character with amnesia and it's bad


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