Is Dark good ?!
I want to watch a German show

@freyja_wildes can't remember the details anymore tbh, but I quite liked the first season

@freyja_wildes yeah I don't really want to go in depth because the most interesting thing about it is a spoiler iirc, but acting is great, I am a big fan of hearing german and the lore is very cool and vibes with me a lot

dark (no spoilers) 

@freyja_wildes i very much liked it! if you like moody dramas about intertwined families with lots of secrets and evil doings, give it a try

it is, well, very dark. a lot of children die horribly, and there's also revenge, greek tragedy-level drama, etc.

i was worried i wouldn't be able to tell all the characters apart (they're all white german people played by different actors at different ages) but it's so brilliantly cast, it's generally easy to tell who's who.

the time travel aspect is surprisingly original and well-done. like vegan cooking, the plot's self-imposed constraints necessitate creativity. if you like time loops & stuff like _Primer_, strap in!

dark (no spoilers) 

OK, thanks.
I don't know Primer

@freyja_wildes really good. You have to watch it to the end, or it doesn't make sense.

@freyja_wildes Well, it's ... dark 😉 . And quite confusing. But it's good.
I'm watching it bit by bit together with a friend. Maybe it would have been better not to have week long breaks inbetween (because confusion).

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