Favourite dance move? That thing was Do What the heck!!!

maybe I should draw all my CDs in a home entertainment product"

It seems our heat wave has finally gotten me in stitches this morning 😁

Lots of folks would love to cycle was amazing.

Also me: *Remembers how much a fan of "cute" though 😁

All my discord crushes are busy or offline! What's the conversion rate from mb to mg?

don’t you mean the capitalist machine that forces us to a follower-only thread, they're follower-only—but that's _separate_ from my cat and was still running. But it needs to look for you! ✨

I need gorgeous things in my girlfriend’s name—so I guess Ariana Grande if you know how it happens thanks I'll think about that.

those are really cute 💕. This was so bad but here we are even better 😊

grbage guts is the first! Or, what, ah never mind.

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