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good thing i don't know how to use the admin panel (or even how to get there)

i keep taking photos of things and forgetting to post

it turns out... after finishing an outline for your novel

you actually have to write it

URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

Kiwifarms set up a Pletoma instance to fill the gap until they’re able to set up a forum to harass and harm again. I recommend suspending the instance at ASAP.

Hey I'm gonna play some Elite and actually paint my nails this time!

Last time I took 2.5h just to clean off the old nail polish and I've not painted my nails since then! Watch the epic conclusion tonight where I *actually Do The Thing*!

dog, food 

managed to get a row of doggy chocolate drops along my dogs nose before he thought to tilt his head to get them

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