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@LilyVers with a short skirt and a long time to think of how to finish this joke?

me: i should make a shopping list!

me, trying to start the list: i have no idea what i wanted now

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Growing older is thinking that the real villains of the horror film were those dang teenagers causing such a disturbance.

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Remembering back to when the wikihow bot posted a blue cartoon dick to the TL.

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not everyone with they/them pronouns finds themselves embarking on a journey to a magical realm filled with powerful monsters and fae and embracing the power they had within them all along, this is only a stereotype

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mutual aid, legal, boosts+ 

I'm going through an especially rough time and I am dealing with an overwhelming amount of legal fees. If anyone is willing to help, I would be extremely grateful 💜

cashapp and venmo: Alt127

(if you'd rather send via paypal, please dm for the link)

Thank you in advance!

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It’s our last 24 hours until our emergency move is underway!

We are a queer family of 3 with a 4th nearly here. My wife, an industrial machinist, is facing trouble finding stable work, even with her union. We’re moving back near my family and friends who can support physically disabled me and the kids so she can take jobs that pay great but require travel. Boosts +!

Full details:

Alt Methods:
$app: $glamorshark
Venmo: @londonshine
Revolut: @glamorshark

weather says it's 26°C outside but it's also cloudy because british


changed my grindr profile to say "no cops, straights, or tories" and a guy messaged me to say that he was two of those (didn't specify which)

what the fuck is wrong with these people?

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alright! i need allen's key, philip's screwdriver, and junior's hacksaw

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Jonathan Harker should really get back on his diary game if he doesn't want to lose social media relevancy

oh and i'd closed the window because i was feeling cold

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put on two incense sticks and set off the new fire alarm. oops

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