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job hunting 

is it unprofessional to say "i know enough about X to know that i hate it"?

asking for a friend

i love reading PDFs that have blue text that *looks* like a link but isn't actually a link

The Fediverse should get rid of the addictive dark patternes that were copied from Twitter & co

begpost, not urgent 

Sinus infection making me unable to eat food I bought and needing more medication than usual has left us financially precarious this month.

If you can spare it: will help us get through this a little easier.

i think DOGS should VOTE *i'm instantly banned from the chat*

had to get out my backup earbuds out because my main ones have finally died only to find these ones don't have the buds labelled left/right 🙀

Good morning I was gonna go look for a Thursday bot post to boost as a joke but it actually is Thursday and I'm out of touch

If MPEG-1 is so great, why isn't there a- *an aide whispers in my ear* DVDs? *an aide whispers in that aide's ear* They made a fourth one?

medical, not actually true 

The results are back, turns out I've got the disease that makes me read any list of symptoms and then say "wow, that's relatable!".

ah ha, i found it. it's a grant from shortbox, there are only 3 places though and you have to email them rather than use a signup form (which is why it wasn't bookmarked)

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maybe it wasn't £200, but i do remember it required a paypal account (i.e. no bank transfers)

damnit, why didn't i bookmark it when i saw it

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i swear i saw a toot about a £200 arts grant but i can't find it now

i could put my glasses on

or i could zoom every web page to 120%

when i read dnd toots i imagine this is how everyone else feels when i make tech toots

Butt dialling is when you accidentally call someone by sitting on your phone, but what's it called if you send a message?

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